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New COVID dashboard for Westchester Residents
Posted on Jan 4th, 2021

Contributed by Flo Brodley
From:  Kitley Covill, Westchester County District Legislator
The New COVID dashboard for Westchester Residents
Westchester County has just launched a new COVID dashboard for its residents.  The website provides current COVID breakdowns by municipality, as well as other related and useful information.  Additional features will be added in the coming days and weeks.  To explore the website:  https://arcg.is/10naWv0
The center map is clickable, and provides a break out of information for each community.  Total confirmed active cases, total new cases, and a breakdown by municipality are available on the left hand side.  State level information and cluster zone details are on the right hand side.  To search testing facilities, click on the tab in the center bottom, and the center map will be replaced by a testing site search function.
The information on this website will be more timely than the information previously provided by the county’s reports, and is available 24/7. I hope you find it useful.