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Heritage Hills Condo 12 Heritage Hills Condo 12
General Services Guide
Air Conditioning – call your own service provider. (Click link below for list of outside providers and contractors)
Cable TV, Internet, Phone – 1-800-COMCAST
Ceiling – Water leaks, sagging panels, black or brown spots – Heritage Hills Management - 914-276-2509
Common Charge payment questions – Heritage Management - 914-276-2509
Dead trees or downed trees or limbs – Heritage Management - 914-276-2509
Dryer Vent Cleaning – Owner’s responsibility (Click on link below for list)
Electrical – Power Outage – NYSEG – 1-800-572-1131
Electrical – Carriage light out – 914-276-2509 or call your cluster captain
Electrical – Switches, outlets, thermostats, light fixtures etc. – Call your own licensed electrician
     (or click link below for list)
Electrical – Wiring problem behind the walls – Heritage Management - 914-276-2509
Garage Door – (Door only) – Heritage Management - 914-276-2509
Garage Door Opener or related tracks and springs – call your own provider (Click link below for list)
Heating – Radiant ceiling panels – Heritage Management - 914-276-2509
Heating – Baseboard – Call your own licensed electrician (Click link below for list)
Heritage Security – 914 276-2592
Insect/pest control – Exterior only – Call JP McHale directly – 1-800-479-2284 – make sure to
     use our Condo 12 Account #143989 (no charge to owner)
Insect/pest control/mice, etc – Interior –Owner’s responsibility–JP McHale offers full year coverage
     for individual unit owners with a discount for Condo 12, call Bob Lupica directly 914-469-6767
Missed lawn mowing, mulching, pruning, etc. – 914-276-2509 or call your cluster captain
Missed snow plowing, shoveling or dangerous ice – 914-276-2509, or call your cluster captain
Melt & Re-freeze ice – Please use the handy buckets of “ice melt” in areas prone to this condition
Plumbing problems; in the walls or your outside spigot – Heritage Hills Management - 914-276-2509
Plumbing problems; within your unit – leaking faucets, backed up drains, clogged sinks, toilets etc. –
     call your own licensed plumber (Click link below for list)
Police, Fire, Medical emergencies – 911
Shuttle Bus pickup reservations – 914-276-2877
Windows or Sliders broken, leaking or hazy – call you own provider (Click on link below for list)
Water Department – Broken outside shut off valves or service interruptions -  800-724-0322 X 203